Talia Klutch

Community Engagement Manager

Talia Klutch is Next Chapter’s Community Engagement Manager, working closely with prospective applicants to support them through the program application process and working closely with community partners in the criminal justice space to increase program recruitment outreach. Previously, Talia co-led Exodus Transitional Community’s reentry program in Dutchess County, including collaborations with Vassar College to offer a first-of-its-kind Inside Out course for incarcerated and returned citizens. Along with coordinating the Dutchess County Reentry Task Force for nearly 2 years, Talia provided operational recommendations to the New York County Reentry Task Force, and became a member of the Columbia County Reentry Task Force. Most recently, Talia joined the Board of Directors for Finish Strong Wellness Center, the Criminal Justice Alumni Council at Marist College, and the Transformative In-Prison Workgroup’s committee focused on serving women who are incarcerated. Talia holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Marist College, and a paralegal certificate.

Talia Klutch

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