Talent is everywhere. Opportunity is not.

Transforming the technology sector by creating a more equitable workplace for formerly incarcerated individuals.

Creating an equitable future

At Next Chapter, we believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That's why we're challenging employers to open their doors to justice-involved talent, and we're also challenging justice-involved individuals to unlock their potential and transform their futures through software engineering bootcamps.

Here are three reasons why joining Next Chapter is a win-win for both employers and justice-involved individuals:

Unlock your potential: Justice-involved individuals who join Next Chapter can gain access to a comprehensive software engineering bootcamp that provides personalized instruction, mentorship, and career coaching. This is an opportunity to build valuable skills and connections that can lead to a fulfilling career in tech.

Diversify your workforce: Hiring justice-involved talent brings a diversity of experiences, perspectives, and backgrounds to your team, which can lead to greater innovation and creativity. 

Access untapped talent: Justice-involved individuals are often overlooked by traditional hiring processes, which means that companies are missing out on a pool of highly skilled and motivated workers. By joining Next Chapter, employers can tap into this talent pool and help build a more inclusive tech industry.


Next Chapter recruits candidates from community, non-profit, and education partners. After joining our Circle community, candidates complete technical coursework and an extensive five-step admissions process.


Candidates then receive a living stipend and full scholarship to attend a coding bootcamp at one of our educational partners - specifically Hack Reactor’s 19 week immersive or Flatiron School’s 15 week immersive.

Early Career Opportunities

After completing the coding bootcamp, you will receive one year of career services and get placed at one of our hiring partners through apprenticeships, full-time employment, or freelance work.

Cultural Onboarding

Next Chapter staff provide wraparound support to candidates for one year. Simultaneously, we work with employers to address and remove barriers to successful implementation of a fair chance hiring program.

Success stories

“Next Chapter has given me the opportunity to build a future I look forward to where I have financial freedom doing work I am truly passionate about. I’ve also found a support network of people who I can lean on through this journey, as well as a chance to inspire others to change their lives. I feel truly fortunate, without opportunities like these so many brilliant minds will never find their potential and get to leave their mark on the world.”

Jess Bonanno

Software Engineer, Slack

“Growth requires change, strength requires stability. “ Next Chapter provides the stability every community member needs to take the necessary steps of changing their lives forever. The next chapter experience has shown me that I have the power, strength and ability to do great things with my life no matter what I’ve endured or where I’m coming from.”

Makeda Davis

Software Engineer, Checkr

"The Next Chapter is an amazing program that bridges the gap between justice-impacted men and women in pursuit of a career in tech and forward-thinking companies committed to Fair Chance hiring. No one should be defined by their worst mistake and Next Chapter has made it their mission to provide opportunities to those on the path of personal and professional growth."

Chris Schuhmacher

Software Engineer, Checkr

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