Join Next Chapter’s network of fair chance employers

We partner with a variety of technology companies to provide family sustaining income and career pathways for people who have previous involvement with the justice system. Together, we can break the cycle of incarceration, provide generational economic security, and create a diverse tech workforce.

Investing in skills and potential for change

Discover the untapped potential of a diverse and skilled talent pool by partnering with the Next Chapter. Our comprehensive training and support programs ensure that our apprentices are prepared to make meaningful contributions to your team from day one.

By working with us, you are not only expanding your workforce with capable individuals, but also actively promoting a more inclusive and equitable society by creating opportunities for formerly incarcerated people to thrive.

Our training process

At Next Chapter, our apprentices undergo a comprehensive 10-month training process that focuses on both technical skills and personal development. Through a combination of hands-on learning, one-on-one coaching, and mentoring, we ensure that our apprentices are well-prepared to succeed in the tech industry and make valuable contributions to their future employers.

Intensive Training Bootcamp

Participants dive into an immersive bootcamp, focusing on technical skills and personal growth, supported by professional coaches and the Next Chapter team to prepare them for real-world tech industry challenges.

Work Experience

After completing the bootcamp, apprentices transition to a work experience phase, collaborating with our partner companies to gain valuable on-the-job training and mentorship, ensuring their excellence and impact on their team

Alumni Success Network

Upon completing their apprenticeships, participants join our growing alumni network, gaining access to ongoing career services, alumni support, and networking opportunities for continued success and growth in the tech industry.

Mass Incarceration:
A growing crisis in the United States

The United States incarcerates more people than any other nation. In the past five decades, the prison population in the United States has swelled by 500%.

~2 million
people are incarcerated in the United States
$80 billion
spent by the U.S. on incarceration every year

Success stories

“Next Chapter has given me the opportunity to build a future I look forward to where I have financial freedom doing work I am truly passionate about. I’ve also found a support network of people who I can lean on through this journey, as well as a chance to inspire others to change their lives. I feel truly fortunate, without opportunities like these so many brilliant minds will never find their potential and get to leave their mark on the world.”

Jess Bonanno

Software Engineer, Slack

“Growth requires change, strength requires stability. “ Next Chapter provides the stability every community member needs to take the necessary steps of changing their lives forever. The next chapter experience has shown me that I have the power, strength and ability to do great things with my life no matter what I’ve endured or where I’m coming from.”

Makeda Davis

Software Engineer, Checkr

"The Next Chapter is an amazing program that bridges the gap between justice-impacted men and women in pursuit of a career in tech and forward-thinking companies committed to Fair Chance hiring. No one should be defined by their worst mistake and Next Chapter has made it their mission to provide opportunities to those on the path of personal and professional growth."

Chris Schuhmacher

Software Engineer, Checkr


Unlock the potential of a diverse workforce and contribute to social change by partnering with Next Chapter. Explore our FAQs to learn how your company can benefit from our program and provide valuable opportunities for formerly incarcerated individuals.

What kind of training do Next Chapter apprentices receive?

Our apprentices undergo an intensive 10-month training program, which includes technical skills development, one-on-one coaching, and mentoring to ensure they are well-prepared for the tech industry.

How does partnering with Next Chapter benefit my company?

By partnering with Next Chapter, your company gains access to a diverse and skilled talent pool, fosters a more inclusive work environment, and contributes to breaking the cycle of recidivism by providing employment opportunities to formerly incarcerated individuals.

What types of companies are currently partnering with Next Chapter?

Next Chapter's partner companies span various industries, including fintech, communications tech, and insurance, and range from small startups to large corporations. Some of our partners include Slack, Dropbox, Zoom, GoodRX, Affirm, Checkr, PayPal, Stash, Asana, Lob, Square, Edovo, and American Family Insurance.

How can my company become a partner with Next Chapter?

To join the growing list of companies partnering with Next Chapter, please get in touch with us through our website's contact form. Our team will reach out to discuss the partnership process and how your company can best contribute to the program.

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