Collaborating to provide life-changing opportunities

Next Chapter is deeply committed to collaborating with a variety of stakeholders, including community based organizations, government agencies, and corporate companies. Together, we work to expand access to education and high-wage career opportunities during and after incarceration.

Partnership opportunities

Through our partnership opportunities, we invite organizations and individuals to join our mission, leveraging their resources and expertise to create lasting, positive change. Together, we can empower formerly incarcerated individuals and break the cycle of recidivism by providing them with the tools and support they need to succeed in the tech industry.

Education partners

Access to technical education is critical for a successful transition home after incarceration. Help us expand our educational offering. Our partners include bootcamps, online learning platforms, and mentors.

Pipeline partners

We work with community based organizations who provide initial technical upskilling or reentry services. Become a pipeline partner today and help us build bridges instead of walls.

Coaching partners

Do you want to find a meaningful way to contribute your coaching expertise? Sign up as a partner and make a difference.

Thought partners

We are honored to partner with Slack, The Aspen Institute, freeamerica, and Equal Justice Initiative to elevate the message and benefits of hiring justice-involved individuals. If you are interested in learning more, reach out.

Success stories

“Next Chapter has given me the opportunity to build a future I look forward to where I have financial freedom doing work I am truly passionate about. I’ve also found a support network of people who I can lean on through this journey, as well as a chance to inspire others to change their lives. I feel truly fortunate, without opportunities like these so many brilliant minds will never find their potential and get to leave their mark on the world.”

Jess Bonanno

Software Engineer, Slack

“Growth requires change, strength requires stability. “ Next Chapter provides the stability every community member needs to take the necessary steps of changing their lives forever. The next chapter experience has shown me that I have the power, strength and ability to do great things with my life no matter what I’ve endured or where I’m coming from.”

Makeda Davis

Software Engineer, Checkr

"The Next Chapter is an amazing program that bridges the gap between justice-impacted men and women in pursuit of a career in tech and forward-thinking companies committed to Fair Chance hiring. No one should be defined by their worst mistake and Next Chapter has made it their mission to provide opportunities to those on the path of personal and professional growth."

Chris Schuhmacher

Software Engineer, Checkr

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