Guillermo Martinez

Full Stack Software Engineer

Ruby on Rails

I am a full stack software engineer with one year of experience working with Ruby on Rails, Typescript/Javascript, React, and GraphQL. During my time at Gusto, I worked on new product features that helped customers stay tax compliant, improved the codebase by tackling tech debt, and fixed bugs in production code.I have a strong passion for seeing projects come to life. There is nothing cooler than starting with an idea and ending with a well-tested, successful product. Another passion of mine is finding and fixing bugs. I love the “AHA” moment and then writing reliable tests to prevent the unwanted behavior.Although I am animated about software development, I also love working with people! Every week, you will find my calendar stacked with pairing sessions because I believe that is the best way to learn - from each other.Currently, I am searching for a new opportunity. Please reach out to me if you have any connections or are looking to hire for an L1 engineer.

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